ABA Therapy Solutions’ July Newsletter

Parent Training Tips-Functional Play

The main intended goal throughout your child’s treatment is for them to achieve functional communication and independence. Teaching functional play skills is significant for a child’s development because it builds social skills, creativity, and allows the opportunity for learning in their natural environment (school, home, clinic). Throughout your child’s treatment at ABA Therapy Solutions the providers will focus on teaching functional play skills through modeling, role-play, and repetitive practice. Your child will be taught how to appropriately engage with toys and activities according to their intended function Learn more

Article: Autism and Memory; What’s the Link?

The memories our brains store are a key part of our daily living. Memory helps us to function in our everyday lives and to relate to others. However, some children with autism experience challenges with memory and this can impact how they relate to the world socially. This article breaks down what memory is and why memory challenges are associated with some traits of autism spectrum disorder (ASD).  Read more

Meet Jonathan,  Director of Operations

Jonathan began working for ABA Therapy Solutions in 2013. He has spent most of his Florida life locally, attending St. Michael’s (now Pine School) and graduating from Martin County High School. He graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a degree in Finance in 2005. His background includes operations management with several large corporations in South Florida. Jonathan enjoys spending time his time off with his wife and three young sons boating, playing sports, and enjoying the outdoors.

July 4th, 1776 -The Declaration of Independence!

ABA Therapy Solutions hopes that you had a nice 4th of July weekend! Besides the BBQs, fireworks, and parades, remember the true reason why we celebrate. 

When armed conflict between bands of American colonists and British soldiers began in April 1775, the Americans were ostensibly fighting only for their rights as subjects of the British crown. By the following summer, with the Revolutionary War in full swing, the movement for independence from Britain had grown, and delegates of the Continental Congress were faced with a vote on the issue. Read more

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