ABA Therapy Solutions’ June Newsletter

June 14th is Flag Day!

When the American Revolution broke out in 1775, the colonists weren’t fighting united under a single flag. Instead, most regiments participating in the war for independence against the British fought under their own flags. In June of 1775, the Second Continental Congress met in Philadelphia to create the Continental Army—a unified colonial fighting force—with the hopes of a more organized battle against its colonial oppressors. This led to the creation of what was, essentially, the first “American” flag, the Continental Colors. Learn more

FDA grants swift approval to Cognoa’s digital device for autism diagnosis

The FDA has approved a digital device developed by Cognoa that can be used to diagnose autism spectrum disorder (ASD), just a few weeks after it was filed for approval. Cognoasays the artificial intelligence (AI) based device is the first to be authorized by the US regulator that can help doctors diagnose autism in primary care, and will be launched “in the coming months”. At the moment, autism can be difficult to diagnose as there are no medical markers to confirm its presence. Instead, doctors have to look at a child’s developmental history and behavior over time before making a diagnosis. Read more

Parent Training-Picture Exchange Communication

In early intervention services, Picture Exchange Communication Systems (PECS) is a functional form of communication taught and used by children with little to no communication abilities. PECS is taught to the child by approaching another person and giving them a picture of the desired item in exchange for that item. Children with autism or other developmental disorders can use PECS to communicate a request, a thought, or anything that can be functionally displayed or symbolized with a picture. Learn more

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