ABA Therapy Solutions October Newsletter

Parent Training Tip–Positive Reinforcement

At ABA Therapy Solutions we take pride in focusing on your child’s individual strengths and positive behaviors. Positive reinforcement is a strategy in which reinforcement is given immediately following a behavior. In simplest terms, when the child displays positive behavior, the child is rewarded. This reinforcement is given in order to increase the occurrence of positive behavior (Applied Behavioral Analysis Program Guide, 2020). The goal of positive reinforcement is to teach correct behavior as well as increase your child’s positive behavior. A bonus of using positive reinforcement is the act of celebrating your child’s accomplishments and acknowledging their hard work. Learn more

Meet Sasha, BCBA

Sasha joined ABA Therapy Solutions after moving back to Florida from Las Vegas, NV. She graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a BA in Elementary Education with ESOL endorsement. She has a Masters in Educational Leadership from Nova University and a Graduate Certificate in Behavior Analysis from Florida Institute of Technology. Sasha has been a teacher for 17 years.  She was a collaborator with teachers and administrators to provide specialized and effective instruction to meet the needs of all students.

Dan Bergmann just earned his degree from Harvard Extension School

When I was twelve years old, I suddenly learned to think, all at once, on a single day. Before that day almost no one would have thought that I would ever understand the world around me. I made meaningless noises, waved my arms, and shouted “cookie” when I wanted a cookie. I did not understand the children’s books that were lovingly read to me and had no clear sense of time or death or the other building blocks of this thing we call the human condition. Read more

Occupational Therapy Available!

Therapists use evidence-based practices to support participation, performance, and function in everyday life.  They are a great resource for strategies, tools, and equipment, to help children with obstacles that keep them from fully participating in the classroom. ABA Therapy Solutions has OT services available from our  Stuart clinic. They address developmental concerns or delays in daily life for toddlers up to age 5 who are benefiting from ABA.  Our OT suite is clean, well-stocked with OT equipment. Learn more

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