Free Transportation To and From ABA Therapy Solutions?

Free transportation is available for non-emergency services for eligible Medicaid recipients who have no other means of
transportation to a Medicaid covered service.

Medicaid covers non-emergency transportation services for Medicaid eligible recipients who have no other means of transportation available to Medicaid covered services. That’s free transportation! Medicaid also covers medically necessary emergency ground or air ambulance transportation. Some limits apply. Transportation is covered by all Managed Medical Assistance, Long-term Care, and Comprehensive Long-term Care plans serving Medicaid

ABA Blog-Medicaid will pay for non-emergency transportation

Who can get free transportation?

Federal regulations say that Medicaid beneficiaries can get rides to and from providers when necessary.[1] States have different rules about when rides are necessary, so make sure you check with your State. Generally, when you enroll in Medicaid, you will receive instructions about when a ride is necessary and how and when you can schedule a ride. You may have to call a Medicaid caseworker, a ride service, or another agency

How do I get a free ride?

Depending on your needs and your State’s rules, rides might be by taxi, car, van, public bus, or a subway. You might share your ride with others. You have to call to set up your ride in advance, and you should call if you need to cancel. Remember, the driver can give you or an eligible family member a ride only to a medical office and back home. If the driver gives you a ride anywhere else, you and the driver could be charged with stealing from Medicaid.

ABA Therapy Solutions can provide a Registered Behavior Technician to accompany your child while transporting to and from either our Stuart or St. Lucie West clinics to give you peace of mind while getting to and from services provided by ABA Therapy Solutions.

If your child is a Medicaid recipient and you are in need of transportation services to and from ABA Therapy Solutions contact us!

If you are not currently an ABA Therapy Solutions client and are looking for ABA services click the button below which will give you intake information and a form to fill out to begin the process.

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