Funding Your Behavior Therapy Services

The “Window of Opportunity Act” passed by the Florida Senate in 2008 authorized AHCA to seek federal approval through a state plan amendment to provide home and community-based services for autism spectrum disorder and other developmental disabilities. Effective April 1, 2009, the Florida Legislature enacted required coverage for autism spectrum disorders. This applies to large group (over 50 employees) health plans. Individuals are eligible under 18 years of age who were diagnosed at 8 years or younger. ABA Therapy Solutions currently accepts the most insurances.

The Family Empowerment Scholarship Program Funding

The Family Empowerment Scholarship Program (formerly Gardiner) provides eligible students with funding that can be used to purchase approved services.  In addition, products used to design a customized educational program for the student may also qualify. Scholarships can also be used for specialized services such as speech or occupational therapy. Instructional materials, tuition at an eligible private school, contributions to a college prepaid account, and more qualify too. The program is directly administered by state-approved nonprofit scholarship-funding organizations. For more information on the Family Empowerment Scholarship Fund

Private Pay Funding

While most ABA funding can be secured through insurance and/or scholarships, ABA Therapy Solutions recognizes that on occasion private pay is necessary. We are happy to speak with you about private pay options which can be made by check or credit card.

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