Mom of Autistic Boy Writes ‘Thank You’ Blog to Little Girl Classmate Who ‘Likes Him Just the Way He Is’

Kate, a stay-at-home mom who lives in Colorado with her kids and husband, Steve, is continually inspired by their three children, all of whom have special needs.

Having struggled with judgment from others toward her differently-abled kids, Kate was touched when a little girl at her son Nicholas’s kindergarten took a shine to him.

The little girl, said Kate, “likes him just the way he is.”

Nicholas, aged 5, and the little girl, whom Kate calls “E” to protect her privacy, met at kindergarten in 2020. “They like to play outside together,” Kate wrote on her blog, This Special Journey. “They like to sit by each other in school. They even like to hold hands.”

But theirs is not a typical friendship, Kate reflected. Owing to Nicholas’s autism, it is one of inclusion, acceptance, and kindness. Read more

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