Occupational Therapy-5 Brain-Based Reasons to Teach Handwriting in School

Teaching handwriting in elementary school is getting huge support from research in cognitive psychology and neuroscience. Some state legislatures are paying attention and mandating that handwriting be put back in the elementary school curriculum. That’s smart: Handwriting helps support children’s literacy and academic development. Here’s what the research now says regarding both “why” and “how” to teach it. Occupational Therapy can assist if a child is struggling.

ABA Blog-Occupational Therapy and Brain Based reason to teach handwriting in school

Family involvement is one of the most important components of ABA therap as much research has shown a more positive outcome when caregivers are involved. Caregiver training is delivered to ensure consistency in the behavior program. Review of progress is discussed on an on-going basis.

Occupational Therapy services are available at ABA Therapy Solutions. Therapists use evidence-based practices to support participation, performance, and function in everyday life.  They are a great resource for strategies, tools, and equipment, to help children with obstacles that keep them from fully participating in the classroom.

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