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ABA Therapy Solutions November Newsletter

Parent Training-Negative Reinforcement Implementing negative reinforcement is equally as important as positive reinforcement, both are important to your child’s success by creating a positive consequence for a preferred behavior. Reinforcement must occur for behaviors to continue to happen. Without reinforcement, the behavior will be unlearned and no longer occur (Capella University, 2020).  It is important to only reinforce positive behaviors.

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ABA Therapy Solutions October Newsletter

Parent Training Tip–Positive Reinforcement At ABA Therapy Solutions we take pride in focusing on your child’s individual strengths and positive behaviors. Positive reinforcement is a strategy in which reinforcement is given immediately following a behavior. In simplest terms, when the child displays positive behavior, the child is rewarded. This reinforcement is given in order to increase the occurrence of positive

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ABA Therapy Solutions September Newsletter

What is prompting? Prompting in ABA therapy refers to providing assistance or cues to encourage your child to use specific skills to complete tasks. Prompting your child encourages them to perform a task until they learn how and when to do it on their own.​​ The ultimate goal is for your child to learn how to perform the skill independently

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ABA Therapy Solutions August Newsletter

Parent Training-Teaching Alternative Behaviors In applied behavioral analysis treatment, your child’s target behaviors will be identified and chosen for intervention to decrease the maladaptive behaviors and increase socially significant behaviors. Teaching alternative behaviors is a significant teaching method that replaces unwanted behavior with a functional behavior that will shape your child for future success. To teach alternative replacement behaviors, you

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ABA Therapy Solutions’ July Newsletter

Parent Training Tips-Functional Play The main intended goal throughout your child’s treatment is for them to achieve functional communication and independence. Teaching functional play skills is significant for a child’s development because it builds social skills, creativity, and allows the opportunity for learning in their natural environment (school, home, clinic). Throughout your child’s treatment at ABA Therapy Solutions the providers

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