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Our team at ABA Therapy Solutions proudly serves clients within the counties of St. Lucie, Martin, Indian River, Palm Beach, and the City of Okeechobee.

ABA Therapy Solutions’ mission is to develop socially significant behaviors for individuals with autism, Down syndrome, and other developmental disabilities. We provide individualized treatment plans based on assessment data and current research in Applied Behavior Analysis. We believe that we can help improve the quality of life for individuals.

Why Us?

Our core values revolve around “Quality & Ethics”. Our team is friendly, well-trained, and experienced. They are focused on providing the highest possible quality of services with the time, care, and compassion that your child deserves. We believe in providing our employees with the support, resources, and encouragement needed to be successful. We understand that their job is sometimes difficult but important if they are going to make a difference in their client’s life by applying techniques and treatments.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide individualized and evidence-based solutions to improve the quality of life for individuals with autism and related disabilities.

Linda Peirce, Executive Clinical Director/BCBA

Our Team Linda Peirce Executive Director

Linda Peirce is the founder of ABA Therapy Solutions and a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst. Linda began her career with a Bachelor’s in Psychology from La Salle University in Philadelphia. She initially worked as a Counselor for the Greater Philadelphia Childbirth Education Association and in the field of scientific journal and book publishing before moving with her family to Florida in the late 1980s. Working with her husband, Gary Peirce, they owned and operated Peirce Graphic Services, Inc. in Stuart from 1989 until 2001. As book graphic arts companies moved offshore, Linda moved further into the field of Education, Psychology, and Applied Behavior Analysis, getting her Master’s in Educational Psychology in 2005 and all but her dissertation as a Doctorate Candidate in Exceptional Student Education.

Linda’s accomplishments include presenting at multiple local and national conferences on Early Intensive Behavioral Interventions (EIBI), autism, Great Leaps Reading Fluency, PEERS Social Skills, Visual and Behavioral Strategies, as well as other autism and ABA-related topic. She has worked for the Martin County School Board and Florida Atlantic University as a BCBA, autism consultant, and educational consultant. Linda has served as a Board Member for The Hope Center for autism since 2011. When not leading her team at ABA Therapy Solutions, Linda enjoys reading, swimming, boating, traveling, and spending as much time as possible with her family, including her 3 grandsons and Golden Retriever, Finn.

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Our BCBAs, BCaBAs and RBTs are all paid as Full or Part-Time employees and in most cases eligible for benefits.

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